Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Kickin'

It seems like the longer you go without blogging, the harder it is to jump back in.

Each day I probably have 2-3 post ideas swimming around in my head, some of them even get fully thought out word for word. I want to blog often, but the needs of those around me seems to increase exponentially once the computer is turned on.

There is no shortage of incidences that can warrant a post of their own happening around here. Life with 3 kids under the age of 4 and one adolescent 10 year old boy is kickin' my butt.

~My baby girl is soooo big! When my midwife came to weigh her at 2 weeks old (when the medical community wants babies up to their birth weight) she was 10 lb 2 oz - almost 2 lbs bigger than birth!! She is now about 11 lbs at 4 weeks.

~The size "small" longies that I knit no longer fit. Mediums fit ok over the cloth diapers or on their own, but I need to knit some new longies. I am leaning towards larges. Next baby (if that happens) I will just start with mediums.

~So of course I ordered new yarn! Mmmmmmalabrigo! I love Malabrigo. I got one skien each of "Whales Road" and "Velvet Grapes" and 2 skiens of "Little Lovely". I ordered it on Monday and it came today. Fast shipping!! I will take some pretty picks soon (if I can) Whales Road is just as beautiful and glorious as I thought it would be!! I am totally knitting a sweater for myself sometime in that colorway. Little Lovely is something I always thought looked ugly in pictures. In person it is gorgeous.

~i have also been knitting a hat for my little baby, my boys sweaters, and rethinking my LOTR socks.

~My baby cries. A lot. This is not something I have experienced before. I do everything I can think of, and she still cries. It's kind of hard. But I love her. And I just keep cuddling her, holding her, changing her, nursing her, wearing her, sleeping with her, and kissing her.

~i typed this up in the car (not driving, just riding) on my blackberry. Excuse typos and weird spelling. ;) I hope to be "back" soon.


Anonymous said...

great to "see" you!

I'm sorry you have "crier". That has to be hard.

Great to hear she is growing so nicely!

I had to laugh about your disclaimer because you typed in the car. Chief's mail signature from his phone is:

iTyped with my iThumbs on my iPhone! Please excuse brevity, spelling and punctuation. +JMJ+

laurazim said...

Hey, kiddo.....remember, I've had the fussy babies before. A lot. Please remember my phone number and call me when you need an ear.

I miss you. :/

Aubrey said...

In a very small voice, I offer the suggestion of infant probiotics. I say small voice because you are a mother and know what to do with your children. Far be it from me to offer unsolicited advice!

I have five kids. Two of them cried their way through their first year of life. Number five tried to do this, but I gave her a probiotic after about six weeks of the nonstop crying and VOILA! Within three days, I had a new, content baby. I got the probiotic at a breastfeeding center, but it can be ordered online.

Congratulations on your beautiful new little arrival!!