Sunday, May 16, 2010

Someone Thinks I am Special

Erin over at Running At Large has given me the "Sunshine Award". Thanks Erin!! (Award picture is at the bottom of this post.....because if I type after the picture the formatting goes away and I hate that!!)

I am really very humbled that my blogging is inspiring or otherwise brings sunshine to others. I started this blog as a place to get some things out, share pictures with far away relatives, and practice writing. It is weird how you end up making "friends" online that you have never met.

In the spirit (and rules) of the Sunshine Award....I am passing it onto the following bloggers (you are supposed to do 12, but I am just making a list without worrying about numbers) (and yes, some of these are knitting blogs, and some are batshitcrazy blogs too, they give me sunshine too, or at least good eye candy and a laugh):

Michelle at Stay at Home Mom Chronicles

Jenni at One Thing

Laura at God Will Provide

Ruth at Knittingbloggyblog

Digi (this is the batshitcrazy blog....but she makes me laugh) my son is up from his nap. That's it for me. I am sorry if I missed you. Oh, if I had time, I'd link Katherine and Cassie. Maybe another post?? Gotta run.

Take your award and pass it around. :)


Jenni said...

Thank you so much, MM! I'm off to check out the other links!

Michelle said...

Wow! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

found my way here from Michelle's. Love your blog. I'm seriously considering entering the T.A.M. program and becoming a midwife. I've had a desire for years (but kids and homeschooling made me hesitate for now) but since the birth of my first grandchild, I've wanted to DO SOMETHING to positively impact birth. I'll be back to watch you go through your training!

Oh, and a belated, 'welcome to the Church!'

Ruth said...

I enjoy reading your comments on my blog (and just now remembered how to respond to you. Duh!)

I'm not afraid of being stalked at all, bring it on!(Just sorry I've been so boring lately, but maybe my massive use of () will make up for the boredom. And I'm going to have to review the grammar rules--I've already forgotten lots.

And thanks for my Sunshine Award!