Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blackberry Blogger

Only time for a quick post from my phone today.

My errands in the "big city" today are leaving me with a 3 hour time block there *all to myself*. What shall I do??

I'll tell you. I called the LYS there and they are indeed open at that time. I am making a trip to the yarn store, alone, no kids, with two hours (driving time will eat up the 3rd) to look, feel, and touch the yarn.

I do have a few items that need addressing while I am there. I need 5 buttons for my Baby Surprise Jacket. I need to check out their needle selection. I am considering trying socks on two circs, or even one if they carry a 9 inch circular needle.

Other than that, there is always sock yarn, and the "clearance corner".

I hope my checkbook can keep up.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a "post-LYS" report!

I have three sets of 9-inch circs. Oh it is hard for me to work with them. I always think it would be simpler on those circs rather than dpns ~ so I change. Then I change back again. Wonder what you'll think?