Monday, May 24, 2010

LYS Trip

(As I mentioned in the last post) I got to go to a LYS** by myself. It was lovely.

**By LYS, I mean a LYS in the big city, ok a suburb south of the big city, 2 hours from my home. It's just the way the timing of the day worked out.

I got there around 2:30 and they didn't close until 5. Over 2 hours. To shop, knit. Alone. No kids. No nagging husband (love you babe!). It was just wonderful.

I spent a long time walking around just looking at the yarn. My husband said I could buy yarn, but I was convinced I would just fight the urge and look at it. I have enough yarn at home. It was still pretty to look at and feel. They had a huge wall of just sock yarn. It was gorgeous.

After I gazed, and stared at, and felt the yarn for who knows how long, I went to look at buttons. I specifically needed buttons to match this sweater. I found them.

Then, I went back to the yarn. Then I looked at the books. Then back to the yarn. I decided I needed to get away from the yarn if I was going to resist the urge to buy any. I picked up a pattern.....The Wonderful Wallaby....which I have already knit but I had borrowed the patterned from my friend and she is moving (we'll talk about that later). I want to knit it again, so I figured it was worth the money.

I had the LYS worker hold the buttons and pattern for me and went to the "coffee shop" side of the store to sit and knit. There were 5 other women sitting and knitting. Even though I didn't know any of them I had a blast!! We talked and knit and talked and knit some more. It was so wonderful to just sit and do something I enjoyed and have a conversation with adults without being interrupted.
Really. I should do that more often. The ladies even told me that they are they every Saturday and Sunday if I thought I wanted to stop by again. I love knitters.
At 5 minutes to 5:00pm, I went to pay for my iced tea, buttons, and pattern. I was not buying any yarn. I did not need any Malabrigo Sock Yarn, or Handpainted Mountain Colors Yarn. No, not me. No expensive yarn purchases here.
I decided to get some stitch markers. Can you see what they say? (the pic's a little blurry) One says "SSK" and the other "M1". Cool. Impluse buy. But cool. I wanted some of these the last time I was there.
I also picked up these US size 0 (2mm) 9" circular needles. I am going to try them on some socks. I don't know if I'll like them, or if they will just cramp up my hands.

Wait, w'a's that? Is that a skein of local handpainted yarn? All by itself? No matching skeins? I can't leave it alone, can I? It's so pretty. It's merino. It's worsted. It would make a lovely pair of longies. But it's only one skein. Ha! It's only $14! Handpainted yarn!! 220 yards! Well, maybe something around here will match.....oh look.....Cascade 220.....inexpensive but good wool....this would make a lovely trim for the waistband and legs.....sheesh, could be boy or I could dye a shirt to match......only 7 bucks for the Cascade.....yeah I should get it.....hubby said I could buy yarn.....what a great deal.........
And I left the store with this too:

It really is quite lovely. And wasn't expensive. I managed to leave the store and only spend roughly $40-50. That is pretty good. There was sooooo much wonderful wooly, alpaca, cashmere-ness in that store to buy. I am proud of myself. Two skeins. And some needles and buttons. And a pattern (just one). And stitch markers (just two, but functional).

All in all, a lovely day. (Followed by a lovely evening dinner with moms from my homeschool group to celebrate another new life!!)

(*****Oh, and if blogger takes out my formatting, or changes it, or screws it up, I am really sorry. I had paragraphs in here. Reasonably spaced ones at that. It always does this when I upload pictures. Sorry. And it bothers me. A lot. Rant over.*****)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! Good for you for managing to keep the spending reasonable. Love the yarn and the markers!

Anonymous said...

You are an oak. Hubby says buy yarn? I'd go crazy!
And who says you have enough?
Love the buttons.

Anonymous said...

Seriously... I never knew there was so much to yarn. You need a tattoo of yarn. "Love To Knit" or something. That would be awesome.