Monday, May 10, 2010

Day After Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to find this awaiting me:

On the inside was this:
My Wobbers wrote me a poem! As in authored a poem just for me. :D It brought a smile to my face that has yet to even think about disappearing. I also really like the picture he drew of me. That's a lot of teeth I have. Hee hee.
Would you like to know what it says? Of course you would:
Would it be cool to have a mom who worked on the moon?
Who woke up at a quarter to noon?
A mom who would spray paint the moon
Then jump down cuz I had to be at school soon?
Oh how nice it would be.
Oops! I forgot! My mom is a midwife, a teacher, and the best part -
A Mom.
No mom is better than you!
Love Wobbers (okay, he put his real name), who will always be your baby.
And then on top of the picture he wrote, "Happy Day after Moms Day".
I especially like that he put in the poem something about going to school - because we homeschool. That's funny. I also love that I have to pull teeth to get him to do assignments, especially writing, and he wrote me a poem, on purpose, because he wanted to!!
Thank you Wobbers!! I can't believe you're 10! You are the bestest little boy a mom could ask for!

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