Sunday, March 28, 2010

WTF? Why am I awake?

I realize that some of you are up at this hour every day. But not me. Seriously. It's 5 am. Not cool. (Ok, it's 6. But I've been laying here since about 4:30 or so thinking I'll just fall back asleep.)

My best guesses as to why I am not in Sandman-Runneth-Over-Me mode:

•The 4 (four!!) glasses of Boston Iced Tea (that's cranberry juice mixed with iced tea) that I consumed at lunch with my mom yesterday.

•The burning desire to knit every piece of yarn in my home into something wearable for my family, coupled with my brain's complusive ability to run through the endless lists of possibilities even while I dream or try to reach dreamyworld. (Yep, just made up a word.)

•The return of psycho-chick mean girl in the form of a lovely caring priest trying to help. (Don't worry, I am not actually going to let psyco-chick draw me into her talons (totally misspelled) again.) (Double parenthesis there. Woot.) Much obsessive brain power has been sucked up on this issue, again.

•My absolute need to have tomorrow morning (um, yeah, that would be today) run smoothly.

•My overwhelming desire to wake my husband up for some *air quotes here* alone time. Thatks not gonna happen.

•The never before made, but had to be made, Puerto Rican Rice recipe I whipped up in the hour before bed last night. I grew up eating this stuff and have always wanted to make it. Unfortunately, everyone who could teach me is dead. But, as fate would have it, I ran across a Puerto Rican recipe website on a KNITTING blog last week (really). There are like 5 different versions of this recipe and I am going to have to keep experimenting until I get it right. Last night's batch was missing *something*, salt for sure, but something else too. It sure smelled awesome and immediately took me back to my Aunt Jenny's kitchen where I would beg and beg for just one more helping of rice while ignoring everything else on my plate. (Hmmmmm, craving startches only. Apparently that has been a life-long habit.) Oh, and I take back the "everyone is dead" comment. My dad is gone, but if I searched real hard I coyld maybe find Aunt Jenny. Maybe. It's been years...

So, do I just get up? Do I try to sleep (again)? Crap. My alarm will go off in an hour. Is it worth it to get back to. sleep only to have the alarm sounding a code red right as I get to REM sleep? I don't know. But at least all the craps outta my brain now. (Except for the knitting, of course.) (And the recipe.) (And the psyco-chick.) (Who am I kidding.) ;)

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laurazim said...

Dammit woman, I just peed a little. You need that little check-mark-dealio-rate-this-post-thing that Kat has, and on certain posts, I will probably hit the "peed a little" button.

Anywho. You spelled talons right.

Security word: crieside. This is the side we turn on to when trying to fall asleep. It's the crieside. We cry. We wish for sleep. Instead, we dream of sheepies. Sheepies being shorn, and their wool being washed and combed and spun and knit.............oh wait. We were trying to sleep. Crap. Well, turn to the other crieside and try again.