Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ramdom Thursday

This is the last week of single parenting. The last week of no one to warm my feet on in bed. The last week without my husband. I am happy about that. I still think Thursdays suck.


I have finished my mittens. Remember? Like 3 months ago I was working on a "pair" of mittens. I knit one mitten, ripped it back, and knit it again. I got the pattern just right (although the thumb on that first pattern needs to be moved over about 6 stitches).

I picked it up last week and knit the second one in about 2 days. My son said, "Hey Mom? How come that first mitten took you like a month to make and you just finished this one in two days?" I explained that I was writing a pattern the first time and the second time I just had to read it and knit.

I did move the thumb over 6 stitches and it turned out perfect!! I really like it. So now, of course, I am going to frog the first mitt (again!!) and reknit it with the thumb in the correct place. If I don't it will bug me every time I wear them.

I am also going to write up the pattern all nice and readable like and post it here.

The best part is that out of my 100 gram skein I still have 40 grams left. The means it took just over 1/2 skein - which also means I have 1 and almost 1/2 skein of this yummy, soft silk/wool yarn too make some kind of matching project. Awesome.

I'll have to write a shawl/scarfy-type pattern now.


I have also been working on the sweater that will never die, aka The Husband Sweater. I have just broke into the 10th (!!) skein of yarn. I have one more available (since I learned my lesson with #8 and #9 to just order two at a time instead of one). I may not need the 11th one, but we'll see.

I am finally working the saddles across the shoulders. Holy crap, my husband is a big guy


What is up with 10 year old boys? It's like a girl, but worse. Their hormones just show up out of nowhere and they become Mr. Sassypants. Ei-yi-yi.


My three year old has been getting angry lately. It kind of upsets her. I don't think she's used to such a strong emotion. Recently, she yelled VERY loudly at my ten year old. Then she turned to me and said very softly, "It's ok, Mama. I not yellin' at you. I yellin' at Wobbers."



My son found a long lost lone Dora the Explorer VHS tape downstairs. I am now being tortured. As in right now. Wow it's loud.


Speaking of VHS: I implore any of you, again, to let me know if you've seen Blue's Clues "Blue's Birthday". I still get asked about that almost everyday.

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laurazim said...

You rock. Your babies rock. Your husband sweater rocks, even though it's not *quite* done. He'd better wear that thing, like, every day. He probably will.

My friend, welcome to the end of the diving board before Holy Week. I must say, you have endured the dessert with grace. Your Lent has been one of great sacrifice and fasting, and, I'm sure, prayer as well. You've done well. :) Just sayin'.

Security word: "trivelyw." 10-year-old boys are so trively. (Uh, I got nuttin' for the w.)