Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 5

Last night, I had both babies asleep by 8pm. Score one for mom.

I had an important phone call to make and then decided I wanted to watch the end of a movie (in silence). I finally waddled to bed around 10pm. I read one of the Narnia books for a little while and turned the light out to cuddle up to some sleep.

And then Hates came up from Hell and spewed bile all over my night.

Mr. Brute, formerly known as My Lovey, woke up. He went back to sleep with help - and slept for 5 minutes. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. For 4 hours. I was up until 3 am with a child that would fall asleep for FIVE minutes and then wake up screaming, only to go back to sleep 10 minutes later and do it all over again.

And, AND, at 7am this morning, we were all again awake for the day.

Sleep deprivation is used as torture. I understand why. When you are sleep deprived things that are normally "cute" become annoying. Mommy patience factor, which usually runs at a high 8-10 range becomes a 1-4 range. I snap. I discipline. I cry.

I spent the majority of this morning on the phone with my dear friend C balling my eyes out about how horrible the night was and describing the accompanying henious dreams. I am so glad she will be visiting today.

And tonight my husband returns for a few days. I hope he is ready to be tackled.

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