Monday, March 15, 2010

Another week

I am starting to lose my grip. Really.

There were a few bad sleep days last week (and two REALLY bad nights this weekend, but there were two of us at least).

Expectations were possibly a little too high when my husband returned. And I admit, I was rather uncharitable in my response to being let down.
I have a deep-seeded fear that our marriage will come out of this month for the worst.

Communication is not what it should be. Needs are going unmet, I imagine on both sides.

It is Monday again, and he is gone again. Mondays are usually the "easiest" of these weeks. But today pretty much sucks. I am unmotivated. Although, the sun is helping (a little).

My children are whiny (Gee!! They couldn't be getting that from ME?! No!!). I am totally whiny too.

I did manage to get dressed. And we're outside. It *is* nice.

Maybe I'll walk to the mailbox.

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