Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 2 and 3 ReCap:

It's Day 4, I know.

Day 2, entitled "Wobbers Turns Ten", or "How to Survive a Decade":

Sleep Fail.
Mommy Fail.
Patience Fail.

No one was happier than me when that day was over. Of course, I still wasn't very happy when Day 3 started.

Day 2 began by my children decided 7 am was proper wake up time (after months, months I tell you, of 9-10 am wake ups) and ended after midnight with no nap for mama. Daylight savings time - Curse You!!

Day 3:

7 am. Wake up again. Ten year old Saint takes babies to basement for movie. Mama sleeps for another hour.

Nice playdate at friend's house. Discuss sleep issues, of which she's had her fair share. Feel less like a "Fail".

Decide, with her help, that if kids are going to get up at 7 they can go to bed at 7 too.

End up with one asleep by 7:15, the other just after 8.

Day 4:

Things looking up. Babies sleep till 8. Flower throws up in bed, I think just from coughing too hard with a dry throat. Day moves on.


Now, I just wish my husband was home. I need to clean and the motivation level is low.

I am also going to make a plea to you fellow bloggers/readers:

Anybody out there got Blue's Clues tapes, specifically "Blue's Birthday" and "Magenta Comes Over" and a long lost Blue Christmas special where Steve sings about snowing??

Our tapes broke (our broken old VCR ate them, so we got a new VCR but the tapes are bye-bye) and it has been a sad time without them. I'd pay ya for shipping if you had one you'd be willing to give us.


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