Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it just me, or is it Cold?

The temperature here today has been from -17 to 0 today. As I've mentioned before, these numbers don't really mean much. It's just COLD.

Yesterday "they" (whoever they are) realized it was going to be this cold today and "they" started canceling schools all over this part of the state by yesterday evening. All schools except the "big City's" schools. Their superintendent was on the late night news saying, "Closing schools just because it's cold is....*stammers*...well, we won't close schools just because it's cold. We'll have to make that decision when the time comes." Um, the weather is going to be different in your little inner circle of the county because, what was that, oh that's right, you're liberal nature is just going to put a bubble around you and keep you heated.

Well, when I awoke this morning I checked the news. Yup. School Closed, even the "big City."

We experienced a rather chilling surprise yesterday when we awoke. Our house was 52 degrees. The thermostat was set at 68. It was a nice little reminder that we needed our furnace replaced. Unfortunately, the repair man could not get here until Noon. Wait! At noon he called and he was "a couple" of hours behind. The poor guy got here at 4pm. He was here until 11.

But it warm!! Very warm indeed. My family is very happy. And so am I.

Nothing smart to say. No big moral. We're just happy to have heat.


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regan said...

btw, did you ever find your crochet hook? you need to buy a big costco size pack of 'em... i keep mine in a clear recycled sheet bag (the kind you have left over from buying new sheets) so that i can keep my eye on them at all times, because mine tend to grow legs....i have a red on MIA as we speak and i was just using it last night!
ps. glad you have heat=)