Saturday, January 10, 2009

Et Tu?

Yeah. I've been busy.

For all of you who keep checking in, I thank you. I'll get back on track here soon. (Is this a repeating pattern?)

Let's see......

Christmas. Check.

I actually got my mother to bring the presents over BEFORE Christmas so that my kids could open them when they woke up. My mother usually insists on being present for the present opening, which makes it very difficult. Last year she held their presents hostage until like Feb./March. It was nuts.

We had a smaller Christmas, present-wise, than normal, and I'm happy about that. Midnight Mass is my absolute (almost) favorite Mass of the year.

Diaper Addiction. Check.

I LOVE WOOL. Love it! I have switched to knit wool covers/longies (pants)/shorties (duh, shorts) instead of PUL diaper covers. I love them. I also have a problem. If you are reading this and you sell wool - DO NOT SELL TO ME! (unless it's really, really cute)

Friends with Crazy Parenting. Check.

I'm not going to comment too much on this one. I myself, have been accused of crazy parenting. (Yes, C., she will sleep in her own bed one day). I don't want to point fingers or call names. I'm just going to sit on my soap box and say this - Don't mess with God's plan. He has a good plan. He designed us this way for a reason. There. Much better. If you'd like your own soap box, blogger is free.

New School Room. Check.

I've decided to create a "school room" in my home. I finally won the debate about kids sharing bedrooms in my house (I love you, honey!) and have been able to combine the children and make a space for school. My dear friend C. came and spent an entire day here helping me move furniture up and down stairs, vacuuming, and cleaning. YOU ROCK.

Family Closet. In progress.

And the family closet idea I had about a year ago is probably going to happen soon too! Woo-hoo!

Spirituality. Check.

Working on my faith journey, I know, will be a never ending process. For now, I am trying really hard to just pray for 5 minutes a day. I know I do well to always serve Him by meeting the needs of my children (He has a PLAN! Stick to the PLAN!) but I do strive for something more. That something more may simply be that once my kids are grown I can be one of the little old ladies who show up early and stay late at Mass to pray the Rosary.

My husband and I also had a wonderful meeting with our friend, Fr. E. He gave us some very basic instructions to growing closer to God in our marriage. We are very excited to implement his suggestions into our lives. We also are looking forward to having our marriage convalidated.

Baptism. Check.

The Baptism of My Lovey was beautiful! As soon as I get pictures (I forgot my camera!!!, but everybody else brought one and they're going to email them to me) I will put some up. The ceremony was beautiful. My son's Godparents are WONDERFUL. And my friends are AWESOME. I love all of you!

And, in an weird kind of ironic thing (meant to be, of course), My Lovey was baptized on the Feast of the Epiphany, which, this year, is also my deceased father's birthday. I found out, after he died and during my conversion, that his ENTIRE FAMILY was/is Catholic. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Reality. Check?

And now, back to the real world. Bills pile up, laundry piles up, dishes pile up. Snow is piled up. Too bad I can't find some motivation piled up somewhere around here.

Happy New Year. God Bless everyone! Have you requested your Patron Saint of the Year for 2009? If not, you should!! I am. (Got the idea from Heather over at "A Catholic Mom in Sweden")


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