Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just When It Seems Ok......

Your two year old wakes up puking.

Yup. Fun for me. Fun for you to read about.

Remember: one is like one, two is like......I don't know, a million?

My eight year old is "bored". You know what happens at our house when you say you're bored? I get to find something for you to do. Today, it's dishes. If he keeps it up, it'll be cleaning the bathroom.

So, My Petite Little Flower is a little on the smelly side, as in her breath. Whew! It stinks like thrown-up cheese. Mmmmm hmmmm. Fun, fun, fun. My Little Man smells like milk, which is much better than cheese. And my Wobbs is complaining. Over, and over, and over again. "This sucks." "It's the worst week ever." "Why does God have to make it like this." Oh buddy, you've got a lot to learn.

I am learning that His timing is always perfect. He has planned my family's lives in absolute brilliance, allowing for the good and bad to happen at just the right time so as to maximize the benefits of both for everyone involved.

Of course, I don't always see it that way. And, it's much easier to see all those things in hindsight. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought life would be like right now, I'd have to admit I probably would have told you that I had given up hope of anything being wonderful, happy or great.

I started this post over a week ago, for Pete's sake. Life has been busy and demanding with a toddler, who's been sick, and a baby, AND a very complain-ee-like 8 year old.

The puking didn't amount to much, and vanished after the cheese incident. A fever, however, did come to stay and took up root for a week, a week. Can you even imagine? After 5 days I did take her to the actual doctor, MD and all, (for only the second time in her life) and I was told that nothing was wrong with her. As I thought. After a week the fever left as mysteriously as it arrived and all was well. For a bit.

My Wobbs thought last week was a good time to question authority, particularly ME. Not so good for him. He proceeded to escalate the situation beyond, way beyond, appropriateness. Consequences have been rendered, as well as activities to get out his energy planned.

My Petite Flower is on another course of sickness. This time of the croupe-y cough variety. She wakes up barking like a baby harp seal in the night. Then she cries from the pain. This is accompanied by Niagra Falls nose and melting eyes. I so wish she would nurse so she could gain the benefits of Mama's Milk and it's cure all to sickness. My Little Man (meaning the newest member of the household) had a slight case of Niagra Falls last night. I put a little Mama's Milk in his nose and eyes and this morning he is fine. Looks like I'll have to express some and put it over her cereal to get it in her.

I feel like I am in some kind of weird after-school special what with the challenges of everyday life and God miraculously helping me in and out of them.

Hopefully the next few weeks will go smoothly and I'll be able to post a little more often.

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