Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small Successes and Randomness: New Mom - TMI Edition

*As stated above, some of this is "TMI". Read at your own discretion.*

1. I managed to take 2 showers this week, one of them with my newborn.

2. After a week of sore nipple nursing, the scabs finally healed and fell off my nipples. Life is much better now.

3. Hemorrhoids are truely a PITA. I am not sure I have ever endured any quite like what I have right now. I am being comforted by a bottle of witch hazel at every bathroom break.

4. I finished the sweater I was working on for Flower this week. I had almost had it finished while I was in labor, but then things got too intense. I can't link here (on the blackberry), but it is up on my Ravelry project page. It is a purple sweater to match her purple mittens.

5. Yesterday, I brushed my teeth. First time this week.

6. Oh - I gave birth, without drugs, without intervention, in the comfort of my own home once again. That would be a big "success".

7. I put some pictures of my dughter on Facebook for family to see. (Now if I could just load some here and/or remember to email some to Aunt.)


Katherine said...

Congrats! Looking forward to pictures

Anonymous said...

Lots of successes! Good for you.

I keep trying to remember what to do for hemorrhoids. Oh, yes... raw potato. Google it. There was something else I did, too and when I remember, i'll pass it on to you.

Anonymous said...

raw potato was good for me, too.
I am remembering the bleeding nipples - ouch!
Way to go on the home birth. I love you! :)