Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blogging in Bed

That's right. I am still (at 11:30am) laying in bed. It's a beautiful day outside. I am waiting for my little ones to wake up so we can tackle the day. I am even thinking about *gasp* going to the park. (Yes, actually leaving the house.)

I cast on Rivendell last night. I knit the entire 1st chart on the cuff (35 rounds) and started the second. It looks a little small, but I can get it over my heel.

I love the yarn. Winding it turned into a big deal, again. And it shouldn't have. This was a perfectly good skein for winding - no twists, no tangles, just beautiful.

My husband refused to help so I made Wobbers do it. At the very end, he got excited and started winding too fast and pulled the last 15 yards or so right off my arms. Ahhh!! So, I ended up with a big tangled mess. I worked on the tangle for TWO HOURS. Yes, two hours. Finally, I decided I probably would have "extra yarn" when the socks were done and I cut the yarn. I untangled my 15 yards and wound an itty-bitty ball by hand. Whew.

The yarn is DIC Smooshy - a free skein I got on one of my EatSleepKnit Lotto cards. It's a superwash wool. Does anyone else notice a difference in the hand of superwash vs regular wool?? I swear I can tell there is some kind of "processing" just by the feel (I mean, I know there is b/9 its superwash.....I am just wondering if I am the only one that can *feel* it when handling the yarn). It's a little weird. But I definitely LOVE the colors!

Oh - seems one of the babes is stirring. Time to get the day going. :)

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Anonymous said...

I got this from

"So how is superwash wool made? It can be made using an acid bath that removes the "scales" from the fiber, or it can be made by coating the fiber with a polymer that basically keeps the scales from being able to join together and cause shrinkage."

I can imagine that if you can feel it, it is a polymer type. Much of the superwash I use is so very soft, but it doesn't feel like it has anything "on" it. I guess the processes are the difference. Can't wait to see pics.