Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Blogs and Socks

I have finally added some much deserved links to the sidebar.

Let me introduce you to:

Juggling Eric, a Man Blog

N*ked on the Roof, a BatShitCrazy Blog


Abigail's Alcove, a Keeping Me Sane Blog

I have been reading the first two for a couple of months/weeks. I just found Abigail's blog yesterday.

Juggling Eric is a dad to 5 great kids and husband to a very patient wife. His insights into parenthood are spot-on and entertaining (especially if you have kids, I can totally relate to this guy). Good writing.

N*ked On the Roof has me completely cracking up and almost peeing my pants every time I tune in. This guy is very funny and does it in a smart way. None of the "this is funny just because it's gross or I say gross things or I act stupid" kind of funny that is running rampant in the world today. Nope. He's got humour covered in a good way, a way the brings the punch line on at just the right moment.

Abigail is a Catholic mom of 4 living in the DC area blogging about her vocation, poverty, faith, and prayer. This is a real gem of a find. I have been reading through her archives the past two evenings and I can't get enough.

Enjoy these blogs! Stop by and leave them a comment if you can. Abigail could use some prayers right now. She just gave birth to baby 4 and she is in the NICU recovering from abdominal surgery.


An update on the socks: I did rip them and reknit. I added 6 stitches and went up a needle size. They fit! I am on the gusset of the first sock. Pics when it's done.

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Anonymous said...

I can't compete with a mom with baby number 4...I bow to her and all moms for that matter. We are at three in my house...with my wife home schooling.

She doesn't always enjoy my humor...but it is nice to know some people do...when they aren't being offended. I do go for some for the easy jokes sometimes...especially when celebrities are involved.