Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Queue, Interrupted

Remember that grand plan I had to work on specific projects until they were done (namely this one and this one)? Um, yeah......well....uh....I'm not really sure what happened.

Ok, I do know. Knitting sweaters for men/boys is kind of boring. I have been working on the hubby's sweater and Wob's sweater for, it seems like, ever. I needed something pretty and fun to work on. I started the LOTR Socks. That was fun, for a while. I finished the first sock and have no motivation yet to cast on the second (I think b/c the first one is a little big, whatever).

So when my Little Flower said, "I want purple mittens and a purple sweater," I was overcome with joy!! Toddler mittens, a one day project.

They started out like this:

Then I added these when I could not sleep through the night:
And this is her cute little response:

She LOVES them!! And I love them. You can read details about them here. I made 3, modifying after the first one. I didn't use a pattern, just cast on 32 stitches and went from there. I wanted them to fit but still be loose enough that she could get them on without help. (If anyone is seriously interested in the pattern, which really did come out very, very well, I could type it up and post it. Just leave me a comment.)
So, then what? Go back to the boy sweaters? in the boring "hunter greenie" colors? Nope. I cast on yet another project that is not in my queue: a sweater for my Little Flower. This will not be a one day knit, but I like it. I am actually using the same Patons Wool yarn that I used for the mittens. Not my first choice for sweaters, but the more I use the Patons in my stash, the more I think it's an OK yarn. If I really love the sweater, maybe she'll get a second one in Malabrigo (I have 4 or 5 skeins in a pretty, girly pink).

And I'm still knitting a baby. Due next week. Love for her to come now. The last two were here by now. :)
What are you knitting?

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors!
Been praying for your little one, and for a wonderful birth. She can't stay in there forever! Everyday that you don't post, I wonder if she has come! The suspense is killing me! :)