Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes, I am still Pregnant

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Really. I want to blog. I want to connect. (I even got tagged in a meme over at BWYA.) I am just soooo, um, crabby.

I don't know how good blogging will be when all I want to do is tell anyone who will listen how much this SUCKS. And I feel super guilty saying that, especially knowing all the mamas out there who have lost children to miscarriage and stillbirth, or who are unable to conceive at all.

I don't mean to sound as if I am not happy about the joy of new life, or that I don't enjoy and just absolutely LOVE having a new baby (because I do).

I am just a super obnoxious pregnant lady in the last month. I HATE it. I am crabby. My body is crampy. My legs hurt. My ass hurts. My crotch hurts. Ligaments pull. I can't sleep. I annoy my entire family. My breasts grow and itch. I can't find a single thing to wear that fits me. I am tired. I get constipated. Hemorrhoids = asteroids (much better word for them: location, location, location.....not to mention that asteroids explode into a firey hell when exposed to the atmosphere, not unlike hemorrhoids). It is next to impossible to get comfortable for more than 30 minutes at a time. Activities I enjoy with my husband (*clears throat*) are just too hard to accomplish (at least from my have it soooo easy). Seriously. I am just a sulky, b*tchy person.

Now that I have exposed you to the wretchedness that is me in this month, we will move on.

Hmmm? What shall we talk about? Knitting? Other bloggers? My kids? Pregnancy ailments, oh ya, already covered that. Ummm?

Knitting - I am having a hard time controlling the "cast on" urge. So far, so good. But it is seriously creeping up on me.

Bloggers - I found an interesting blog call "N*ked on the Roof" (Yes, he does spell it with the little asterisk, I am sure to deter people fishing for p0rn). It is by this guy that I think is an electrician (his username is morethananelectrician) and he is pretty funny. I am pretty sure he is married and has kids too. I haven't found any faith references. But so far, I am enjoying it. (I'd link to it, but the link is on my phone and I am just too lazy to look it up now or google it.)

My kids - The Wobbs just got back from a week vacationing with my family in PA. He had a great time. We missed him. It was certainly a different dynamic around here without him. Not good, or bad, better, or worse, just different. Today is his first day back. He's been here for about 4 hours and already the kids are all yelling at each other. Freakin' great. And Flower has been throwing up today. Awesome times two.

Homeschool - It is a lot of work, and sometimes annoying work, to help run a homeschool group. I think it will all work out in the end. We had an awesome "end of the year" campout at the other leader's house this weekend. Her family and mine (especially our husbands, bonus!) get along really well. So it did not bother us too much that not a lot of the other families were able to attend. Oh well. Better to hang with a few real people, real Catholics, with real flaws, than to have a house full of overbearing pious people (not that the other families are all like that, but there were some moms I was ok not seeing for the weekend).

Diapers - I need to get my diapers out and washed and ready to go. Any helpful hints out there about washing diapers with hard water? At our old house we had a really great water softener. My diapers always came out just right. I am a little concerned here about things like residue and smell. I hope it doesn't make too big of a difference, or that it is something that is easily remedied by adding something, like Borax or just more vinegar, to the wash. (Speaking of diapers, I need to order some Charlie's Soap for washing....finally ran out of the 5 gallon bucket I bought almost 4 years ago a few months back.)

Divorce - Seriously people. Watch who you marry. Dealing with my husband's ex-wife is enough to make me want to pull out my hair. This custody case is sucking royally (especially since we did this already, 8 years ago, to the tune of 14K). Figuring out placement sucks. And high school, with all it's sports and crap, also sucks. Did you know that practice for sports starts BEFORE the school year starts? And when you live 45 minutes away from the school and the practice lasts for 3 hours, you have nothing to do with your toddlers for 3 hours in a town where you don't live (parks would be ok, except that it's 2000 degrees of Hades outside with 300% humidity.....okay.....maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get it). And ex-wives just suck. Especially when they think the most important thing in their child's life is their "social life". Don't get divorced people!! God never intended for 2 families to have to share a child (or children).

Have I ranted enough for you? I am really sorry. I don't mean to be so dang crabby and complainy. It's all I got right now. I promise I will be a happy, cheery, wonderful bloggy friend once this baby exits my body. I have 5 weeks of technical time left. Maybe I'll go early again and only have to endure 3 weeks. I have been having a ton of contractions, sometimes all night long. I checked (because, well, I can) and I am dilated to 1 (too bad it's not more) and about 50% effaced. At least those contractions are doing something. :)


Anonymous said...

You are in the homestretch now! You can do it! Soon you'll no longer be a crabby pregnant woman!! You'll be in the middle of your babymoon and over the moon! I can't wait to meet your little "pink."

Our water is pretty hard here. I just use a generous amount of vinegar every few loads (good to do even when not washing dipes, as the minerals will build up in the washer, too.)

Michelle said...

Was wondering where you had been!! Was hoping the babe had been born and you were relishing in the after glow. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, try to stay focused on that! God be with you!

In A Sea Of Boys said...

I vote that you have this baby in the next week or two so that you keep with the August trend and before my school gets really insane... and no Mondays please...

Anonymous said...

Even a crabby blog from you is better than nothing! :) I totally get. The last month (or two) lasts 40 years!
I have hard water, too, but I haven't noticed that it hurts the diapers. I do have to replace them more often than I'd like... Which reminds me I need to do some sewing soon. :)
Oh, I can't wait to see that little one! I check myself at that stage a lot too, but find it only gives me false hope. With my last baby, I was dialated to 5 for a week and a half! I thought I was going to drop her any second - for a whole week and a half!! Yes, that was a long 10 days.

Aubrey said...

Oh, I understand so completely. I always felt so bad about feeling grumpy when pregnant but it's like you said: my rear end hurt, the baby was so far down that I felt as if it was going to fall out, I had reflux, I got migraines and couldn't take the proper meds, I could only eat three bites of food at a time because I had no stomach because the baby was in the way, I had to go potty every 11 minutes, I was waking at night when the baby started to exercise, my pubic bone felt like it had broken in half, and I had braxton hicks contractions (painful ones) regularly and there was no way to tell my body "knock it off! I'm having a cesarean!" The last few months is always miserable, so don't feel bad for feeling that way! I know what you mean, though--a couple friends of mine would kill to be pregnant, so I never felt as if I could gripe.

And divorce. Aaaarrrrghh. Divorce, divorce is so ugly. I hate divorce. My parents divorced when I was 19, after 20 years of marriage and 9 kids. What the heck!? Now my dad remarried and his wife absolutely hates my mother because she sees it only from their side, not that the divorce was a two-way thing. (Not that your situation is the same; I understand the difference!) But my 17 year old brother and sister are still living at home and I think she sees every one of us as part of my mother and doesn't like us very much. It's getting old. In addition to that, she wanted to have babies but was already in her 40s when she married my dad, so wasn't able to get pregnant. It didn't help that I got pregnant 5 times in 8 years when we had been married to our respective spouses for the same amount of time. So a pregnancy announcement sends her from the room in tears, the word baby wipes the smile right off of her face, and she isn't interested in due dates or ultrasound pictures. *sigh* Divorce is so very awful.

That's my rant! Sorry for rambling. Maybe my babbling distracted you from your discomfort for a moment?

Good luck with this new little bundle of joy! Not much longer now!!

Cheers from Nebraska! :)

Aubrey said...
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Aubrey said...

Oh, one more thing I was thinking about: I'm sure you're a very smart woman and you probably already know this. I'm going to offer the comment anyway, and you may disregard it at your leisure.

A child of divorce feels awkward all the time. I can't mention my mom in front of my dad's family or I kill all conversation in the room. I feel that a stepparent must be extra careful to never mention her true feelings about the child's other parent. If a stepparent shows dislike for a parent, it is (to the child) as if the stepparent hates half of the child. Truly. The child can't help to whom s/he was born. I wish that my dad's wife would keep her thoughts to herself and suck it up. Divorce is fun for no one--especially the child(ren)!

MamaMidwife said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement (and understanding) about the pregnancy.

Now that my brother is coming to stay with us after this week's surgery, I am actually hoping to keep the baby in a little longer.

@Aubrey - I am the child of divorce. My parents got divorced when I was about 5. I have also been divorced once. I absolutely agree with you about the children always feeling caught in the middle and as though THEY are the ones who are disliked when someone talks badly about the other parent. (My parents both did this all the time, and I HATED IT.) We are very careful about when and where we vent about the other parent (mostly my husband's ex wife, b/c my ex husband completely disappeared, to our delight, and sometimes sadness). I know the kids don't read the blog, so no biggie here. :)