Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not much to say....

Not too much going on in my household right now, and not much to blog about.

I've got lots of ideas swimming around in my head, especially regarding Truth and Church teaching.

But I just don't have any energy to blog about it right now.

I think I may dye some diapers today.

I got 2 new knitting books in the mail this week (turn-around from the proceeds of selling some yarn on Ravelry): Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book by Barbara Walker.

I am suddenly realizing I only have 7 weeks left to get stuff ready for this baby. Not that there is a ton of "stuff" I need....just stuff to do. I need to lanolize all the wool, wash all the diapers, and figure out where I am going to set it up so that my 2 year old hurricane doesn't dispense them in an unrecognizable pile on the floor every 15 minutes.

I have some wool and some slings I'd like to sell, but it is hard for me to upload pictures to diaperswappers.com.......so I may just use a blog post on here to do that and then link to it at diaperswappers. Don't be alarmed if you see a post that just has pictures of things for sale and prices.

I am still reading all of your blogs, and trying to comment when my phone will let me. It gets obnoxious sometimes, and I just break down and come to the laptop to make comments.

My son is very happily mowing the lawn right now. It's nice when the kids start to get older and can (and want to, sometimes) help out. Woo hoo.

I have watched about 4 different Barbie movies this morning. Yikes. At least Barbie always makes the "right" decision.

Brain spill - two days in a row. Wow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - Where are you? I hope you are well. I miss your posting. Then again, at that stage in preg, I usually go into a "cave", only to emerge after the birth.
Just thought I would let you know that you are missed and I am thinking of you this week. :)