Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Testing, Testing

Ok, so we have moved. We have no internet access because I now live in the boonies - way, way out in the boonies.

I am typing this post on my Crackberry (it's really a Blackberry, but it's like a drug, hence the crack). It has taken me a while to figure this thing out and this is my test post, typed with my thumbs on a keyboard no bigger than a bus pass.

I am still living, as Candy has so elequantly put it (although I can't figure out how to link to her on this thing), in Cardboard Stonehedge. It's a little depressing. Still, I hope to grow to love this house and the land.

I still hate bugs, a lot. But it was awesome to see a whole flock (if that's the right term) of turkeys out in the field we own this morning while I nursed my youngest.

Oh, and his birthday is tomorrow. Lovey will be one. He's atill such a baby but growing so much too and almost walking.



laurazim said...

I still think it's a little high maintenance of you to move your BOOKSHELVES and dressers and beds to spend a few days out in the country. Now hurry on back; this neighbor misses you like crazy.


In A Sea Of Boys said...

It works!!

On a totally different, random note... my verification word is "pulka"... Is that what macho men in tractors do to oompa music?