Sunday, August 23, 2009

Liturgical abuses.....

....make Baby Jesus cry.

And my friends, he cried a lot today.

Please pray for my local parish. Today was the first Mass I attended here. I am seriously thinking that the hour and a half drive to the Cathedral Parish in the Big City might not be such a hardship after all.


In A Sea Of Boys said...

That bad, huh?

I'm sorry. Maybe try the other small town in the neighborhood?

**Redlate... what the hicks say when in the big city.... "STOP the dagburn truck!!! It's a redlate!"

(I think There's probably some therapy for this obsession with verification wordifications.)

laurazim said...

Ah yes. The long drive......

You were much missed and well prayed-for in the Big City today.

C, my word is "finses." (n.) What hicks use to separate property belongong to neighbors, or that bordering country roads. "Stop the dadburn truck at that stop sign, or you'll rin right through them there finses!"

Hello, I'm laurazim, and I'm a Word Verificationaholic. {Shakes C's hand, winking, with a knowing smile.}

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

shall pray...I live in a land of Liturgical Abuse