Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Master Bathroom as described by my friend, CW

The walls and ceiling are painted a hot pink magenta (think Pepto-Bismol on acid). Then it looks like the previous owners passed out some jars of fingernail polish and told the kids to "have at it".



In A Sea Of Boys said...

Totally, incredibly hideous.

I love you though.


**Verification word-- stlis... like

Your bathroom was way ugly and it stliz! =P

In A Sea Of Boys said...
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In A Sea Of Boys said...


Ha Ha ... Now it's imbrison ... like...

Hopefully they didn't steal that nail polish or they'll be imbrison.

laurazim said...

You know, this addiction is dangerous. Today's word is "felhani." As in, "That bathroom looks like it got painted by a fella with a brush full o' ugly paint, who felhani got the ugly paint on th' walls." OR, "That there guy is guilty of a felhani." Double definition. Sophisticated.