Sunday, December 21, 2008

Michigan Abortion Clinic

See what was found in the dumpster outside this abortion clinic. This is grafic. Please view before allowing your children to view.

This is real. This is what is happening. Become a voice for the unborn.



Aubrey said...

Wow. Thank you for posting this. It renews my energy to go and pray at our local abortion facility. I don't know if I can "say" (write) what I really think about this and about this man without having to go to confession. :S

A hopeful thought: My own physician, who takes care of my husband, my children, and me and also covers our OB care during pregnancies, can be found at our local abortion facility at 7:30 in the morning praying the rosary, sometimes leading it, and sometimes with a group of his own children. :) We're grateful to have such pro-life care for our family.

Also, I like your new blog look!

MamaMidwife said...

That is so wonderful that you have a doctor that is pro-life. We live near a very liberal big city and it's hard to find anyone who is not advocating some kind of birth control.

I hope to be one of the practitioners women can go to who will support them with NFP education and not push the BC on them.

Thanks! I also would probably need to go to confession if I really spoke my mind!