Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Cold

Yesterday, my family and I braved the cold to go to Mass. Not that we need a medal or anything. I didn't even know how cold it was until we started loading kids in the car. I may have decided to keep everyone home if I had checked the weather beforehand. Ergo the point of this post.

When I did get home and was able to check the weather, it was -4 degrees outside. Negative. Four. The "high" for the day was -3. The low was -10. (Fahrenheit people - I live in America.)

Do we even need these numbers at this point? Can the weather man and The Weather Channel and the internet sites just say, "It's *^!*ing cold out! Stay inside!" Or, a more family friendly way to put that might be, "It's cold beyond all reason. Don't leave the house!"

I mean really, do the numbers mean anything at all once you get to, say, 0? That's already 32 degrees below freezing. The freezer compartment of my refrigeration unit is set at -1. If it's colder than my freezer outside maybe the news stations could say, "If you'd like to warm up after coming in from the #*!%ing cold take a tour of your freezer - 'cause it's warmer in there."

Don't get me wrong. I like to be informed of important upcoming changes in the weather. It's nice to know when a blizzard is coming (like last week and this weekend). But I'm really not sure that I'm getting any more "informed" by knowing that today it's -3 and tomorrow it's going to drop to -15. Am I going to feel a difference? Probably not. I'm just going to say, "#$%* It's COLD!"



Aubrey said...

This made me laugh. I'm still giggling as I type. Last Sunday our high was 5 degrees and highs increased gradually until Saturday when it was 61 degrees. The next day it was back down to a high of 29. Go figure. We live in Nebraska!

MamaMidwife said...


Yeah, it' weird here too. It's nice to know we don't live in the only state where you use your furnace one day and the a/c the next.