Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preforated Bowels? Anyone??

Here is an article from Catholic News Agency that follows the story of Abraham Hodari, a baby-killer in Michigan. Now the baby-killers are doing the killing against the mother's consent. Nice.

Here's a few more links about his botched baby-killings and other details.

This is a list of the cases filed against him, with gruesome details - punctured internal organs, babies burned with acid-like substances in abortions only to live and be severely deformed requiring numerous operations, teenagers requiring full hysterectomies after their babies were killed, women dying the same day as their baby-killings were performed.

But remember, abortion is "safe" - because obviously if something is legal that means it's safe.

Why, oh why, does the main stream media not pick up on this?? What favor are they doing to women by not reporting these kinds of things? Where is the real choice when the only choice the liberal, lefty feminists want is THEIR choice - to kill innocent lives and destroy humanity.

** Hat tip to Fr. Longenecker.

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