Friday, July 24, 2009

Just what I wanted to hear.....

I have been out of commission for a few days....ok, maybe like a week or more.

I have managed to get mastitis, again. It is so bad that I actually asked my husband to stay home from work and help out with the kids......AND HE SAID YES. Really.

When he called his boss he told him why he was staying home. As in, "I really hate to call in because I LOVE MY JOB (he totally does), but the wife is really sick and needs my help." Blah, blah, blah from his boss (obviously I can't hear him). My husband says, "Well, she's sick. She has mastitis....where her breast is really red and tender and she has a fever and kind of feels like she has the flu." More from the boss that I can't hear. Then my husband says, laughing, "Yes, cows do get mastitis. People do too."

When he gets off the phone, he explains to me that his boss wasn't aware that people could get mastitis. He sends his condolences because he knows it seems to really be bad in the cows and can't imagine what it would be like for me.


Even better is on day 2 of antibiotics for said "cow disease" My Lovey, who has had a fever for almost 4 days, is not getting any better. My boss calls to see how I'm doing with the "cow disease". I tell her OK and give her an update on Lovey. She says his behavior and symptoms sound like and ear infection.....fever, not wanting to lay down, not nursing well (probably how I got cow disease), overall crankiness, etc.

So I decide, "Hey, let's try and get him an appointment to see somebody." Yah. It's only 1pm on Friday afternoon. Should be plenty of openings.

Um, not so much.

First clinic I called didn't have anything available. But they could see us tomorrow. No thank you.

The next clinic had a *lovely* (because I've been told if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all) receptionist who said, "We've got two doctors in. Who does he normally see?" Nobody. Do you have an appointment or not? "Well, it has to go through his Primary." He doesn't have one. "Well, I could take a message and have the triage nurse call you back." Look lady, I just need to see someone who can prescribe antibiotics, m'kay????!!!!

Ok, I didn't say that last part, I just hung up.

We decided just to go to the Urgent Care/ER. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

What I found out during that visit was:

A) He's fine
B) I just lost $60 to find that out
C) Apparently, I'm an idiot, because he's going to die from a childhood illness if I continue to not vaccinate him

The doc says, "Why aren't you vaccinating?" We've chosen not to.

"You know that more kids die from childhood illness every year than from vaccinations?!"

You got evidence to prove that? No? Ok, well we have chosen not to vaccinate.

Reminds me of a friend of mine recently who learned at her daughter's 3 year check up that if another child at the playground bites her she'll probably die. (They've done limited vaccinations.)


There actually sent someone chasing after me when I got sick of them waiting to come back to my room with "Discharge Instructions".

Probably because I'm such an idiot.


Karyn said...

Oh sweetie....sending lots of hugs....and a roll of the eyes at the number of silly nitwits in the world....I am glad that lovey is fine and to me it's worth the money for the peace of mind that it will provide to you, because now you can just focus on getting well. Keep us all posted, you're doing great mama.


MamaMidwife said...

Oh, thanks Karyn. I'm going to try Mass tomorrow and then come home to rest up. The mastitis is getting better. But I overdid it a little today and now I'm kind of tired again. I forget that it wipes out the rest of you too.

Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

Dingbats. The whole lot of 'em! :-)
We DID vaccinate our children MINUS the chicken pox vac. In our stae it is REQUIRED before starting school... my DARLING, SWEET, NEVER EATS MEAT ON FRIDAY Gram, gave my kids the chicken pox! HOORAY!!!!! (now, poor Gram had shingles, but got over it quickly....) I was glad to say to anyone that inquired... NO...we are NOT getting that particular vaccine, my kids have HAD the pox... and they didn't DIE! IMAGINE THAT!?

In A Sea Of Boys said...

Very sorry about the cow disease recurrence. I suffered through clogged ducts a couple times and that was pergatory enough. I feel for you.

On the vaccination issue, I just say, "You're welcome." I vaccinated my children, like many, many other moms and dads so that your unvaccinated children may be relative safe from our combined herd immunity...aka because most people/kids are immune, your wee ones don't have a high risk of exposure to the nasty critters.

Oh.. on a completely different subject... I bought a dress at the catholic-run thrift store in town that doesn't fit me, but I think may fit you. Brand new... still had original tags... $4!

In A Sea Of Boys said...


(I hate typos!)

Mary333 said...

Ouch! I had mastitis while I was breastfeeding. As for vaccinations, I feel they push them too early in our country. My sister is a nurse, her son is almost five, and she has chosen not to have him vaccinated yet. Unfortunately, she has taken a lot of flak for this. She has also refused the H1N1 vaccine and her co-workers are giving her a hard time about it.