Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"The Worst Week Ever!"

For the Wobbers, that is. Poor kid is having a rough time.

Within this week he has broken his elbow and managed to come in contact with what we thought was poison ivy. Baseball practice started this week too, so he is only able to sit and watch.

Lucky for him (Ha!) the poison ivy turned out to be stinging nettles, which only hurt and sting for a day and leave a little itchy rash instead of giving you a rash with blisters and sores for weeks.

Another happy boy note....the cast on his arm is "glow in the dark". If you gotta have a cast, at least it's a cool one.

Gotta run. My Lovey is very upset with a fever right now. Rats.


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laurazim said...

WOW!!! LOVE that article about the nettles! Who knew? I have them growing around the yard here and there--mostly near the fence, but also around the garden...I never knew there were so many practical uses for it, but should have guessed as much. Thanks for including that link! :)