Friday, May 22, 2009

Put It Away

Why is this phrase so hard to understand?

When I see the deer in the headlights look in my childrens' eyes when I utter this verbiage I wonder if maybe, somewhere, back in their developing minds an idiot savant is reasonably questioning me thinking, "Where is this unreachable place, Away, that you speak of?"

Sometimes, I just want to ram their heads prop open their eyeballs ask them how they can possible live here and still not know where Away is.

From (28th definition for "put" under verb phrases)

put away - to put in the designated place for storage

I am going to print signs in the largest font an 8x11 can handle, laminate them, and place them on every wall in the house:


Then I am going to have to draw little pictures in crayon for my non-readers.

"Oh, look Flower, Mommy mad that in RED crayon. She must really mean it this time."



In A Sea Of Boys said...


laurazim said...

What is this away of which you speak. (And yes, I meant the period--because this is the tone in which this particular phrase is most often uttered--that of a statement, rather than a query.)

I'm so glad you were here this weekend to be witness to another Mama with children possessing the very same quality, chiefly the inability to hold the location of "away" in their little minds for more than a split second!!

*raising my Dr. Pepper and Nutty Bar in salute*