Friday, May 29, 2009

Word to My Homegirl

Guest columnist Aquanetta joins us today. She is tough, straight from the hood, loves her baby daddy and all her baby daddy kids. It may take a moment for you to comprehend her venacular, but it is well worth it.

Let's she what she has to say today.......


If I said it a million times, I done tol' my baby daddy kiz to leave me alon'. It be time fo' my tea. Wha? You think jus' 'cause a girl in da hood she don' nee no tea. Lemme tells you, a cup o' tea can be very relaxing.

Today dis cup o tea gonna remine me to take it easy. Iz need tuh relax. Iz need to slow down. Iz needz tuh not kill my baby daddy kiz.

Dey really buggin me ri now. Iz wants to shows dem jus how bothered dey makes me. Iz like tryin to nail jello to a danggone tree, I teh you.

Just 'cause we iz don' wit lunch dont mean we gotta run all over da house like a bunch uh hooligans. We dont need tuh yell an' scream like wez got no class. Iz wanna tell dem, if yous want tuh scream I can give you sumtin ta scream about. But I is too nice for dat. I jus' letdem yell an' carry on whiles I sit here wit my cup o' luv.

Sho is good to have a cup o luv. You knows you wish you had sum luv too.

I tink doz baby daddy kiz need sum chores to keep dem busy. I done tol' you.


Be sure to tune in next time as Aquanetta enlightens us with her prose.

1 comment:

laurazim said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm giiiiiiirl you know I'm talkin' 'bout my baby daddy kiids, too. I had to git up outta here an' go on a date wit' my baby daddy. He done took me to Home Depot, youknowwha'i'msayin', to git some stuff fo' da' bat'room.

We's back now. I'm feelin' much betta.