Friday, February 13, 2009

Apparently the Hairy-Legged Monster Works for Blogger

So, I just spent 10 minutes uploading my knitting "in the works" onto blogger. Guess what I got? Not pictures of my knitting. I got pictures of some bras I sold online. Argh. I also got this really cute picture of my now 6 month old Lovey.

Isn't he beautiful. So all is not lost. I am just a little irriated that my pictures didn't load up. In fact, I can't even find them AT ALL on the ScanDisk.

But that little face just melts my world.

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laurazim said...

Yes, but we cannot possibly be upset. As beautiful as your knitting surely is, the Knitting of Our Lord, as shown here in the chubby cheeks of your little Chubby McChubbikins, must be far superior. Therefore, my sister, we shall rejoice in the lost pictures, eaten for tea by the hairy legged monster. Let him have his wool. We have the Lamb.

In Him,
Laura Zim