Sunday, April 18, 2010

Was it somethibg I said?

I have a neat little stat counter at the bottom of the screen. I get an email once a week from "site-meter" giving me numbers on blog visits (and details if I want them).

My average weekly visits have been about 40, or roughly 6 per day.

Week before last; 5 total. Less than 1 per day.

This week: 1 visit.

Must be my charm.


In A Sea Of Boys said...

Could just be that you are not posting as much.... Plus spring is here and computers become a little less apealing when the sun is shining!

Anonymous said...

I think you are charming! In your own special way... LOL!
~The OTHER Heather

Anonymous said...

Yup. When you aren't posting, people forget about you!

Katherine said...

Hi! I bookmarked your blog a while ago and then fell behind in my own blogging. I've been going through all my bookmarked blogs trying to siphon it down a bit. Just wanted to tell you though that I'm keeping my link to your blog. I enjoy your blog and I hope you keep it up. God Bless!