Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week 2

The menu continues to go long as I keep up.

Shopping has been a breeze and the leftovers are welcome escapes for trying to figure out what to do for lunch everyday.

I did finally get too busy one day and "skipped" a day of dinner. That is a bad idea, and not something I will repeat. It makes it far too easy to continue skipping dinners as you try to figure out when to make the missed meal.

Wednesday, the day after I skipped said meal, my husband went to the fridge and then gave me a strange look. Then he looked at the calendar, with my menu on it, and looked in the fridge again. Another strange look shot I was (sorry, we're watching Star Wars this morning).

He said, "Hmmm. Where's the mexican rice?" I told him I skipped it....too busy to cook last night.

"Well, why bother having a calendar if we're not going to keep to it? You know I have a calendar up there for work with my schedule on it. What if I decide to just 'skip' a day? Can I do that? *shakes head* Then why can you??"

He had a good point.


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