Friday, July 22, 2011

Random comeback post 3

Today we are watching the Lion King. Can you believe my kids have only seen this one time? It's amazing when they are watching something brand new. They are quiet, except when asking questions of course. "Is that the mommy lion?" "Look Mama, it's a baby!" "Is that the bad guy Lion?" "Look at that monkey!" "Is that the good lion?" My kids are so cute, if I do say so myself.

This morning, I also have a smurf baby. She loves blueberries and we tend to have the frozen variety. Once thawed, There is quite a lot of blueberry watery goodness to spread around. Sometimes I wonder why I bathe them at all......

The 11 year old....oh how I love him. He is currently on a mission to find the lid to a Tupperware cereal container. He is *angry*. He has looked in 1 place and it's not there so he should BE DONE. But, **I** insist he use his powers of -reasoning- (he has them, even if he doesn't want to nlbelieve it) and KEEP LOOKING throughout the kitchen. I am just soooooo mean. Lol.

He can be awfully sweet too. The other night there was a.magical "homeschool paycheck" moment here. I was trying to get the house tidied up (and by trying, I mean knitting and staring at the mess *thinking* about how I *should* tidy up). I looked over and there was the Wobbers, with a toddler, an almost kindergartner, and a baby, all huddled in his lap intently listening to the story he was reading aloud to them. ::swoon:: I love watching my children in impromptu moments like that.

Did you hear me say, "almost a kindergartner"? Did you hear the shaking in my voice? She's almost 5. I am going to be completely responsible for teaching a child to read, write and all that other stuff. I purchase some good reading material when the tax refund came in - Sonlight P4/5 curriculum. I hope she loves it as much as I have loved perusing it. I am sure the 3 year old will love the books too. Wobbs was a little jealous that his books weren't as "cool" as the little kid books.

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MightyMighty said...

Long time no comment! (This is Candy Rant's friend.)

I just have to say how much I love your description of your son's attempt to look for something.

We have a running joke in our house that something my husband can't find is "behind the mayonaise", because he literally cannot see anything in the fridge if it is not in the front. Even if he moves the front stuff around, his brain doesn't process what he is seeing in the back because he resents having to look for something. We literally have 3 jars of open peanut butter in the fridge most of the time because it is beneath him to really look for an already open jar. I just don't get it. If you had a PBJ yesterday, and you noticed that the jar was half full, what are the odds that it is completely empty and thrown out today? Thus, it's in there, you just have to look UNTIL you find it, not until you get tired of looking (10 seconds).

Congrats on your daughter's wedding, too!