Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keep on trying.....

I have seriously sat down with the laptop about six times this week to write a post. Everytime, somebody needs me -loudly.

It's ok. I can handle that.

I figure God has a plan. And that plan is for me to sit down.

So many wonderful ideas have zipped through my brain for me to share with you. And - as I sit here in bed, with my blackberry, watching my little girl sleep in my lap her tummy all full of milk - I can't for the life of me remember a single one.

I have found some very interesting blogs as of late and will (hopefull) be updating the blogroll soon.

My friend, Papa K, would really like me to send him a picture for his fanroll. So I may have to do that this week.

Advent has not seen any activities around here. But I have been saying a Hail Mary and an Our Father with the kids each night. :)

I also decided (amoungst my thousands of other projects) that I'd like to knit 27 or so wee tiny socks to make an Advent Calandar. I'll start that in the new year.

I started a sweater for ME It's damn cold outside and everyone else around here has handknit wooly goodness, except me.

And - there is yarn on the way for me to knit 2 more sweaters for myslef. All 3 I have planned so far are cardigans, but the are the more versitile for me and do not require me to think to hard about accomodating my rather large breasts in the pattern. I will cross that obstacle sometime because my dream knitting project is a fitted, v-neck, long sleeved pullover for me. I just don't know exactly how to do that with my bust size yet.

I think I figured out what makes the baby puke. I hadn't made my absolute favorite meal in about 2 weeks - enchilada casserole. She also had not puked on me for a few weeks. Well, I made it and munched it for 2 days. She also puked on me for about 3 days. Bummer for me and my favorite meal.

Do any of my blogger friends do Facebook? (I do.)What do you think of it? Do you use it as a place to promote your blog? (I don't.) Do you use it to connect with family and close friends? (I do.) Or do you see it as more of a "networking site" and have tons of friends whom you don't actually know outside of FB? (I have lots of real friends who use FB as such.) I am just curious. I don't think there is a wrong or right way to do FB. I just wonder what everyone else does. I have a few "friends" on there whom I I only met either in blogland or as mutual friends on FB. But most of my "friends" are people I actually know and want to "connect" with more than I am able to in person. I only have about 60 or 70 "friends" and I regularly go through and edit out people I don't need or really want to be "friends" with - like the shy introvert nerdy friend I had in high school who I hung out with all the time that has since become a, ahem, $exual freak (as in talks about $ex all the time on FB!! Details too!!). I had to unfriend her after I viewed her wall and realized I was neither interested nor willing to read about her exploits on a daily basis. Ew. It was "nice" to connect or whatever, but not worth keeping her around since we obviously had nothing in common anymore. (Yuck.)

And now, I must sleep. Today will be a long day. Homeschool group followed by lunch and a walmart run, pick up the teenager from school, and then run to a friend's house to get some yarn (acryllic for doll clothes) and a movie we left there (Barbie: Fairytopia....can't live without it), and home to get a fire going as I am sure the house will be in the 50's by then.

Tomorrow is First Friday Mass in the "big city" followed by the insane-Friday-afternoon grocery run (because we'll be there anyway for Mass, save gas).

Saturday is Chop Down A Christmas Tree Day, Get Out The Ornaments And Lights Day, and Go A Little Crazy Day.

Sunday - the second Sunday of Advent. Advent music at church is the *best* I love "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel". The. Best.

Have a great day my friends. :)


Anonymous said...

sorry about your enchilada casserole. :(

busy, busy, busy! You sound very busy through the weekend! Whew!

I don't do facebook at all. My young adult daughter is interested. Since she's 17, I'm losing reasons to continue to disallow it, so I might get an account, but only to watch hers. I won't even start poking around or "friending" or whatever. (except for my kids) I really, really, really don't want to, but it seems important to her and she is 17.

Anonymous said...

I started Facebooking just to keep in touch with out of state friends and family. I use it to share pictures of the kids and keep everyone up to date on them. At first I friended everyone I ever knew, then I realized that I didn't want to be so public. My blog is for the public, and I try to limit kid pictures and personal things. Facebook is more for family and close friends. I have 78 friends on there (most of those are family), and I can think of some I could do without! :) I know if I were to stop the in-laws in Ohio and the friends in Austria would all have a fit! :)

Mari said...

Aww, well at least ya know why she is throwing up huh? maybe when she gets a lil older and her enzymes change in her GI trac, maybe then you can go back to those enchilada's. For each of mine, it never was about the foods I ate, they all had/still have GERD.

I fb! I have 2 lists, one is special people, the other is the others, yes lost fan here lol. the speciallist are my family, friends, and home school friends, and others that i have become internet friends with. The others are just that, for the games, well restuarant city lol.

btw, new follower here.

Aubrey said...

I, ahem ... facebook. You could search me if you are interested (Potter) or leave it if you are trying to keep your list short. :)

Did you try a probiotic with Baby, and if you did, did it seem to help? I was going to try to go that far back in posts but I think my time at the computer is going to get cut short.