Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick update...but isn't that all I've come to anyway?

This is a badly neglected blog. I appologize. Between nausea, poopy diapers, and watching Veggie Tales and Cars repeatedly there hasn't been much else left.

Oh sure, I *think* about blogging all the time. Especially as I read all the wonderful words all of the rest of you have to say. I have even found a few new favorites, as I am notorious for clicking on other blog's commentor's links to find new writers.

I did manage to finish a baby sweater. As soon as I can get myself to a computer instead of this mini-blackberry screen I will show you.

I have been thinking about baby names - which is leading me to read my bible. (Are you supposed to capitalize "bible"? Always wonder.) I really like Jeremiah - for a name I mean. I also like Micah, although I am sure I will lose that battle.

Truth be told though, it would be darn nice if this baby was a little girl. Not that I wouldn't just adore a boy, but I've had two boys and one girl and I'd sure love another.

I just hope (and I know you're reading this C. so don't think I'm trying to be pessimistic, just a thought that's crossed my mind, honestly) - anyway, I hope to not have to name her after my dead best friend. My best friend has breast cancer, Stage 3 or possibly 4. Surgery was last week. It all has been very quick, sudden, especially for her family. She found a lump one day, had a mammogram, was diagnosed, had surgery, and just got her pathology results all in a about two weeks. Pray for her. (I love you dear.)

Up against that, I feel silly for complaining about being sick. I'm 10 1/2 weeks along. Any day now I could feel better.

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In A Sea Of Boys said...

I love you too.

You could name her after me regardless you know. It makes a good middle name with a short first name...

Stick with flowers... maybe Lily C.