Monday, January 4, 2010

Quiet Here

I realize it's been a better part of a week and I have not posted, despite my continuing promises of knitting pictures and a conversion story.

I am still here, just not getting to the real internet with a real computer.

In fact, I am typing this post at a wayside on a back highway road, with my blackberry (sorry for those typos), waiting for my husband's ex-wife to show up with our daughter.

I am a bit angry, irritated, and mad. I do not know why I let this sorry excuse for a mother bother me. But I do. I try to be grqcious. I think, "I should pray for her.". I do sometimes. But I still feel like killing thing everytime I have to interact with her.

It's as though all the puppies have lost their cuteness. Her stupidity has sucked all the sparkles out of the rainbow -they've deflated to little dried up pieces of fruit snacks, the generic ones where they all have they same crappy flavor even though they're all different shades of yuk.

Not to mention that she's late and she thinks she's doing us a favor.

She is a piece of mashed up kid chewed pig guts.

Can you tell I don't like her?

Oh! Here she is. Yeah.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were talking about my brother's ex wife. I try to pray for her between nasty thoughts.