Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's not that I don't have anything to say. It's just that I'm rather crabby. I'm busy and stressed and I don't feel the need to unload it all unto you.

I've been a bad blogger, but I'm hoping to change sometime soon.

In my world:

This bar burning down thing is bothering me more than I thought it would. Weird.

I am sick of being fat. I don't mind NOT being the skinny teenager I was when I started having babies. But I do mind being so wide I fit nicely into my husband's size 2XL t-shirts. Honestly.

I'm glad I gave up cake for Lent. It makes it that much easier not to eat it now.

I really need to sell my house. We found a house to buy 5 minutes from where my husband works.

Being a midwife is the most rewarding thing I could ever to being a mother.

I actually enjoy watching Blue's Clues. Really.

Knitting is like heroin. I'm addicted. I love it!!

I have finally realized that I have always had a walking partner, no matter what time of day or night it is. My doggie. He's my new bud.

I am reading a book called "Hand of God" by Bernard Nathanson, M.D. It's an autobiography where he chronicles his life. He ran the largest abortion clinic in the country in the 60's & 70's. He eventually changed his mind about abortion, but not before he founded NARAL and helped make abortion legal. It tells his pro-life conversion and conversion to the Roman Catholic Faith. I'm only about 30 pages in. IT IS SO GOOD. Fascinating really.

My Lovey is 8 months old. He is so big, so strong, so precious. I feel so blessed.

Flower is almost 3 and finally doing the typical age 2 stuff: throwing fits, saying "Mine!", becoming super cuddly, wanting to wear mismatching clothes, and following me around wanting to be a "little mommy". Love, love, love this age.

Wobbers needs to stop growing. I don't ever remember giving him permission to grow up. He never asked if he could enter adolescence. What right does he have to become a man? Ah, they really aren't ours. They're His. And the grow and move on and up. I'm glad I get to keep this one for another decade.

Hmmm, I guess I did have some things to say after all. Just needed to warm up to the keyboard.

God Bless all of you in this wonderful Easter season!!


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laurazim said...

{{{{Heather}}}} So glad we got to visit the other day. REALLY must do that more often, for Pete's sake. Hm. Walking partner, eh? Make me not be a whimp!!!