Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sleep? No, Never Heard of It.

Last night, after I happily posted my first real bloggie-type post, I crawled into bed thinking, "Ah. It was nice to get those thoughts out. I should be able to sleep well." I said a few nighttime prayers, being especially thankful that I have been chosen yet again to bear new life into this world. I quietyly drifted off to sleep.

Some background on my sleeping arrangements. My Best Friend, a gorgeous hunk who happily takes care of us all, and I sleep together with our almost 2-year-old cherub. With my husband working nights and my being pregnant, I have lazily slipped into a bad habit of letting said 2-year-old sleep from 12AM to 12PM every day. Realizing after about a week of that nonsense that I didn't want to continue it, I have been working on getting her (and myself) up at a more reasonable hour. This has led to a more reasonable bedtime, which I am grateful for.

Except that it backfired on me. Last night.

As I easily wrote my post with everyone in bed, in my quiet little kitchen, at my cute little laptop, I happily mused at the idea of going in to join my two blond babes in a blissful night of uninterrupted contentment.

I will pause here whilst you stifle your laughter.

I know, I know. What was I thinking? I was thinking I had got my daughter into a good habit of sleeping from a normal hour to a normal hour. As in, she'd been asleep since around 9PM - I figured I had until at least 7 but more likely 8 or 9AM to sleep.


3:30AM. I thought maybe she just needs a few minutes of cuddle, given the previous evening's clinginess. Nope. She wanted, "Up. Eat. Up. Eat." So, we got up and ate. Breakfast. Then we hung out in the living room. Then she found her brother's DS and insisted upon playing it. So I waddled (Yes, I waddle. I am very pregnant.) into her brother's room to retrieve the wall charger and plugged it in so she could play. And I watched TV. (Hear really good fake, male, British accent here - )Did you know in less time than it takes to chop an onion you can scramble an egg, chop onion, tomato, and pepper, shred cheese and make the most tasty omelet ever!!!

Now you do.

There was a rather good actual program on National Geographic about the last days of Christ's life. It was rather interesting and educational. Just in case you find yourself up at 4am, CST, unable to quell your offspring to sleep, you will know that you may perhaps find something of interest besides a Ped Egg, or the Magic Bullet.

Finally, at 5:30AM she was asking for sleep. She wasn't really asking as much as carrying all the obvious signs that sleep was imminent lest I wanted to stay up while she became so cranky I started to pull my hair out. By 6, we were again a blissful unit of uninterrupted contentment.

Of course, she slept until 11. I was up at 9 - unable to ward off the urge to pee any longer, and unable to return to sleep due to the young one trying to stand up in my womb. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

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